Equity in Lung Cancer Care

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Ann Hamilton

Co-Principal Investigator

Professor of Research Population and Public Health Sciences

Ann Hamilton, PhD, MA

Dr. Hamilton is a cancer epidemiologist whose research has focused on prostate, breast, prostate, thyroid, ovarian, and adolescent and young adult cancer. These studies have included patient contact and medical record review for patients selected from the cancer registry as well as physician surveys to assess treatment practice patterns. She has led the Los Angeles component of multiple prostate cohort studies to assess the impact of prostate cancer treatment on quality of life and survival. Most recently she was the recruitment core lead for the RESPOND cohort, a nationwide study that has recruited 12,500 African American men with prostate cancer which is designed to determine factors associated with risk of aggressive prostate cancer and poorer survival. She is also leading the Los Angeles component of the PC Concept study, which will assess acute and long term effects of newer prostate cancer treatments.